We look after your employees, conference attendees and even yourself for a day or a regular programme of on-site chair massage and a few other services to make the event special. We come to you with all the equipment needed, so no need to organise anything other than just call us and say when. 

What We Offer

On Site Chair Massage

On-site chair massage is over the clothes and requires no oils, so it is both easy and convenient to use. It typically only takes 15 minutes (you decide). So instead of taking that coffee break, simply relax into our specially designed chair and let one of our highly skilled massage therapists look after you. You will then experience a unique massage covering the back, neck and shoulders using a blend of traditional massage, acupressure and shiatsu techniques giving your body and mind a well deserved break.
For chair massage, we only need a little bit of space maybe a spare office, a free corner in an open plan environment or the back of the room at a conference.  


Ergonomic Assessment

Our fully qualified physical therapist will come to your office and give 15min consultations. Assessing an individual’s desk to make sure that everything is properly aligned to avoid the occurrence of repetitive injury, postural problems and back pain.

Workshops & Classes

We can arrange a wide range of classes & workshops. If you want something that is not on here, just ask and we will organise it for you! 
  • Yoga
  • Common occupational injuries & how to avoid or treat them
  • Relaxation workshops
  • Nutritional talks
  • Pilates
  • Fitness classes
  • & more!

On Site Table:

  • Holistic Massage
  • Sports & Remedial Massage
  • Shiatsu
  • Reflexology
  • &  more


Personal Benefits of  Massage & Body Work

  • Physically it makes an individual more body aware. Helping them to realise their areas of tension and will encourage them to be more proactive about their health. This can help prevent illness.
  • It helps to refocus the mind, allowing clarity of thought and encourages a more decisive attitude. 
  • It helps the individual to manage stress more effectively, helping them to maintain a calm and rational demeanour. Improves sleep patterns
  • Relieves tension in contracted muscles and connective tissue, increasing blood and lymph flow.
  • Alleviates pain and inflamation, promoting recovery.

The Stress Response

The stress response is an automatic function of our nervous system. That means that we do not have to actually think ‘I have to get stressed now’. It just happens. However the relaxation response is not like that at all. We have to actively initiate relaxation. We have to think ‘I have to relax now!’. If we don’t allow any time in our work or personal lives for this response stress can build to intolerable levels which could lead to physical and mental disease. 

Business Benefits of Massage & Body Work

  • Help prevent absenteeism. Your staff will be more health and body aware which will encourage them to be more pro active about their health. 
  • Increase productivity: As mentioned above, it will help refocus the mind, enforcing clarity of thought and a decisive attitude. 
  • Stress management: All this combined also enables a person to manage stress more effectively meaning a calmer more relaxed office environment. 
  • Staff Morale: Massage simply makes people happier. This will motivate staff and increase the overall morale in the office.
  • Promotes Trust and Respect: Employees will see that you care about their personal wellbeing and this will increase the trust and respect between employee and employer. 
  • Makes the employer look good: It will make you a preferred employer if you get a reputation for looking after your staff. 


Do you want something else that is not on our list or are you not sure what you want? We can arrange almost any type of class, workshop or treatment. All you have to do is Contact us and we endeavour to cater to your individual needs.