Our Clients

We’ve got lots of experience with many interesting companies both big and small including Barnardos, ESB, Facebook, FedEx, GE, GlaxoSmithKline, Heineken, Lucent Technologies, Nightline, Pepsi, Pfizer and Prudential. The list is a good bit longer, but you get the idea.

Brilliant initiative. Excellent massage - thoroughly enjoyable and can feel the benefits alread.  Amazing how much better you can feel in 15 minutes.

Richard Brichley

First time massage absolutely wonderful; full marks.

Jimmy Cully

Really enjoyed massage, great idea.

John Dineen

Such a wonderful idea to have a short massage in work.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and I feel so relaxed and mellow after it.

Ingrid Brock

Had the 20 minute chair massage - felt really good afrerwards, very relaxed, refreshed and happy.  I would recommend this to anyone.

The massage therapist was very professional, reassuring and effective at helping me relax in the middle of a busy working day.

J.P. O'Mara

"I've had very tight and stressed shoulders and I found the chair massage has give me instant relief."

Eilish O'Connor

We work in such a busy environment we barely get two minutes to think, the chair massages allowed both me and all our staff to relax, reenergise and think about ourselves and that being healthy and relaxed will help us to do our jobs better!

Emma Jarvis 

TTM Health care - Human Resources

"Very impressed, fast acting loosened tight shoulder and neck"

Paul Carson, Xerox Employee - Shop Floor

"It was very good, proper & relaxing massage. Would do it for longer than 15min :D"


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