Our Clients

We’ve got lots of experience with many interesting companies both big and small including Barnardos, ESB, Facebook, FedEx, GE, GlaxoSmithKline, Heineken, Lucent Technologies, Nightline, Pepsi, Pfizer and Prudential. The list is a good bit longer, but you get the idea.

Father & Son Golf Tournament


Mindwell provide a very professional chair massage service, the bonus is you get 15minutes to yourself to completely relax. It really is a treat.

Gráinne - Health & Safety Technical Officer

"Its absolutely brilliant...Very comfortable, very convenient, you fold it up and carry it in..... very enjoyable!"

Loreto Moore - Moore Mortgage and Insurance Brokers

“All positive feedback with the only request being ‘Can we have this every Friday?’ .. Highly recommended!”

Gillian Lennox - hostelworld.com

"Professional service - has been keeping passengers at Dublin Airport happy for years"

George Moore - Retail Concessions Manager

"Absolutely fantastic service. Thoroughly refreshing and enjoyable 15 minutes of pure heaven. Sets me up for the rest of the day."


"Absolutely lovely- my first time having a massage."

Ciara - Receptonist - Value Retail Managment

"It’s an amazing service- both chair and table massage."

Nicole - Online Operations Account Manager - YouTube

"That was a very enjoyable massage. She was very patient and took her time in sensing my body and figuring out the best way to address my problems. The massage fitted what I was looking for and it was very good. Thumbs up!"

Angie - Program Manager